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CBT Radio

Apr 28, 2010

This episode is primarily relevant to professionals.

In this episode, R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S., LPC, LCAS interviews Howard Rachlin, PhD about his work in the area of self-control. In this episode they discuss:

  • How self-control and willpower are conceptualized from a behavioral perspective 
  • An overview of the research literature pertaining to discount functions 
  • Applied implications of this experimental work for helping clients with addictions and other behavioral problems involving self-control 


Dr. Rachlin obtained a PhD at Harvard University in 1965. He is currently a Research Professor and an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Stony Brook University. He has written six books including Behavior And Mind ( 1994) and The Science of Self-Control (2000) and published more than 100 journal articles. His research focuses on self-control and social cooperation in humans and nonhumans from the perspective of teleological behaviorism.