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CBT Radio

Nov 6, 2010

This episode is relevant to professionals.

In this episode, R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S. LPC interviews Theresa McKeon about TAGteaching.  Items discussed include:

  • An overview of TAGteaching 
  • The range of applications for this technology 
  • The research base 
  • The relationship between TAGteaching and Precision Teaching 
  • Current directions in TAGteaching 
  • And more! 


Theresa is a co-founder and senior vice president of TAGteach International, LLC. She has introduced TAGteach to groups around the world, including gymnasts in Iceland, commercial fishermen in Washington State, military personnel in Norway, college professors in California, and specialists in the field of autism in Boston. Theresa has authored several articles, and continues to create individual presentations for TAGteach seminars and workshops in a wide variety of applications.