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CBT Radio

Sep 1, 2015

Episode #38

Running Time: 45:27

Podcast relevance: Professionals.

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In this episode R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S. interviews Jan Mohlman, PhD about the Neurocognitive Perspective. Specifically, they discuss:

  • What the neurocognitive perspective is and what it adds to traditional clinical work
  • Challenging aspects of adding affective and cognitive neuroscience into clinical settings
  • Emergent methodological and practice standards
  • Patient perceptions of the approach
  • How clinicians can pursue training in this perspective
  • And more!


Jan Mohlman Biography

Jan Mohlman, Ph.D. is Associate Professor at William Paterson University. Dr. Mohlman’s research seeks to explain how processes of aging (e.g., hearing loss, progressive brain disease, deficits in cognitive skills) impact the presentation and treatment of anxiety and other mood problems in later life.  Dr. Mohlman’s work also extends to treatment outcome research, applying methodology from affective and cognitive neuroscience to inform studies of cognitive behavior therapy.  Dr. Mohlman has published peer reviewed journal articles and book chapters and won several research grants, teaching and mentoring awards. 


Coauthor Biographies

Thilo Deckersbach, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Psychology at Harvard Medical School. He serves as the Director of Psychology in the Bipolar Clinic and Research Program and as the Director of Research in the Division of Neurotherapeutics at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Deckersbach’s research has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, NARSAD, TSA, OCF, and DBDAT. He has published peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. His neuroimaging research (fMRI and PET) focuses on the interaction of cognitive and emotional processes in bipolar disorder.



Adam S. Weissman, Ph.D. is the Founder & Executive Director of Child & Family Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, PLLC in Scarsdale and Manhattan. Formerly Senior Clinical Consultant at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Weissman is currently on the Clinical Faculty at Columbia University, where he trains and supervises advanced doctoral students in CBT with children and adolescents. He is a nationally-recognized expert in the treatment of a wide range of youth anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, disruptive behavior problems, tic/habit disorders, and related conditions, and has published peer-reviewed articles, book chapters, and edited books, the majority focusing on cognitive-behavioral therapy and neuropsychological assessment for children and adolescents.



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