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CBT Radio

Dec 8, 2009

This podcast is relevant to consumers.

In this episode, R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S. interviews Dr. Jodi Polaha about childhood sleep remedies.  Some of the topics discussed include:

  • The impact of sleep loss on children
  • How much sleep children should be getting
  • The most common problems parents deal with as well as strategies for addressing those problems
  • Special strategies for parents with infants


Jodi Polaha, PhD is a licensed pediatric psychologist and Assistant Professor of Psychology at East Tennessee State University. She has over ten years’ experience working in pediatric primary care settings where, by some reports, concerns about development and behavior are more common than ear infections with top concerns including behavior problems, toileting, and sleeping. In addition to her clinical background, Dr. Polaha published over 20 research articles and book chapters relating to childhood behavior.