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CBT Radio

Jul 12, 2010

This episode is primarily relevant to professionals.

In this episode, R. Trent Codd, III, Ed.S. interviews Abigail Calkin, PhD about Ogden Lindsley.  In this episode they discuss: 

  • Ogden Lindsley’s life and his research 
  • Standard Celeration Charting and Precision Teaching 
  • The application of SCC to private events or “inner behavior” 
  • The Lindsley archive 
  • And more! 


An educational psychologist and educator who specializes in behavioral science and precision teaching research, author Abigail B. Calkin also has the pioneering, adventuresome stock to write a real life drama like The Night Orion Fell, her newest book.

Dr. Calkin lives in a remote southeast Alaskan town of 426 people from whence she writes, kayaks, cross country skies and works as a school psychologist at several isolated community schools, some of which are accessible only by plane. A one-time urbanite born in Boston, her home now is surrounded by two extraordinary wonders—Tongass National Rainforest and Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. Her home on nine acres, shared with her husband, is inspirational to her work and endows her with an appreciation for nature's harshness that is at the core of The Night Orion Fell.

She is the author six other books, 40 pieces of published poetry and 40 professional articles, and is in various stages of preparation on several new fiction and nonfiction works. Her education includes a B.A. from the University of Colorado with a double major of psychology and philosophy, two years at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), an M.A. in special education from the University of Oregon and a Ph.D. from the University of Kansas.

She began her professional career in Colorado working with exceptional children. She moved to Oregon where she set up the state's first classroom for students with learning disabilities in 1965. She was on the faculty of Western Oregon College, then worked as a school psychologist and then principal in the Topeka Public School System (1978-1996), and later developed a technique to improve self-esteem.